Some samples of my work from around the web. A grab bag of my journalism, and other assorted writing. Enjoy!

Around the Web

Community Gardening

community gardening, gardens, baltimore sun, linda burkins

One of my most popular articles. No room to garden at your condo? Look for a community gardening program in your area. From the Baltimore Sun's Harford Magazine.

Innovative Women

innovation, business, women, career women, baltimore sun, linda burkins

Profiles of innovative business women in Harford County, Maryland. Another story for the Baltimore Sun's Harford Magazine.

Therapeutic Riding

horses, therapeutic riding, baltimore sun, harford magazine, linda burkins

A great story (if I do say so myself) about a great program for kids (and adults) with special needs. From Harford Magazine.

The Reindeer Ride

christmas, reindeer, puppet, christmas stories

Get out your hankies! A friend invited me to participate in her Christmas blog series a few years ago and this is what happened. I don't know why...

The Elevator


Originally a blog post, then a contribution to an anthology published by the Creatures, Crimes and Creativity Conference--a great writers' conference held in Maryland every year.

Press Release


A recent short press release for Burkins Armor Consulting, LLC, a defense contractor for which I'm the Communications Coordinator.